This page is dedicated to celebrating the many heroes in our community. It is crucial to Southwest Kitchen that our heroes get the attention, love and support that they need, now more than ever.

Final Hero Blog!

We have completed the Hero Kitchen! It is a bittersweet feeling having this special project come to an end.

We would like to give a shout out to ALL frontline heroes who are working during this pandemic and say, “Thank you”. Thank you for your strength and expertise as we navigate this new way of life.

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We at Southwest Kitchen are so grateful for our community of heroes – everyday!  Although we’ve always supported local charities, seeing the impacts of Covid-19 on our community inspired us to do something more. We want to extend our gratitude by giving one of those heroes a new kitchen! When they come home to rest and recharge, we want to provide a comfortable space where family and friends can gather. We are excited to help transition their home into the new reality of today’s new normal.



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