Selling Your Home? Kitchen Upgrades That Appeal to Buyers

Selling Your Home? Kitchen Upgrades That Appeal to Buyers

In today’s real estate market, home buyers can afford to be very selective. If a house does not meet or exceed expectations, potential homebuyers may move on and make an offer on a different property. If you are putting your house on the market, be aware that buyers often scrutinize the kitchen very closely, and when they are choosing between two similar homes at the same price point, a remodeled kitchen can be the deciding factor. Invest in the following upgrades to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers:

Updated Cabinets

Whether you opt for a resurfacing or a full cabinet replacement, this upgrade will greatly increase your kitchen’s visual appeal. When you are remodeling with intent to sell, remember to choose classic cabinets and doors in a neutral color. Bold design choices that suit your personal taste may not please buyers.

Granite Countertops

Besides cabinets, countertops are the most important visual design element in your kitchen. Some buyers rule out homes immediately when they see photos of laminate countertops in the listing, so upgrade to an attractive granite or composite countertop to make sure buyers put your home on their shortlist.

New Appliances

White appliances can look outdated, especially if they don’t match your new cabinets and countertop. Shiny or matte black appliances are a better choice, but for a truly high-end feel, choose stainless steel appliances and select matching cabinet hardware.

Open Concept Design

These days, many homeowners use their eat-in kitchens more often than their formal dining rooms. A large island with room for stools not only increases your workspace, it also helps make the kitchen a focal point for parties or family gatherings. An open kitchen design allows you to cook and entertain at the same time.

Southwest Kitchen & Bath provides a range of kitchen remodeling services to Tucson area homeowners. Whether you want to help your home sell faster by redoing your cabinets and countertops, or simply upgrade your kitchen storage for personal use, we have a selection of beautiful materials for any budget. Call us at (520) 531-9187 to find out more.

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