When is the BEST Time to Update/Remodel?

  • If your home was built earlier than the year 2000
  • If your living situation has changed and you need your space to be more functional.
  • The BEST time to update/remodel is when you decide this is the house you’ll be in for the long haul OR… if you are considering selling your home.

Things to do that will improve your home:

  • Updating floor treatments
  • Updating lighting
  • Updating your countertops
  • Improving your pantry space
  • Changing the footprint of the kitchen
  • Removing soffits to increase ceiling height
  • Removing cabinets and upgrading to new door styles and finishes.
  • Conveniences specific to your needs; roll out trays, pull out trash cans, etc.

You can have your dream kitchen... we can help!


Budget - Let's figure out what you want to do.

  • Reface?
  • New Countertops?
  • Change Appliances?
  • Change the Footprint?
  • All of the Above?

Who’s going to manage your project?:

  • Have a start date in mind
  • Get a calendar created showing:
    • Start and end
    • Demo
    • Install
    • Timeline

Let us help you map it out and stay on track!


What to consider when designing your space.

  • Ask For an in home Consultation
  • Visit our Pinterest page to get inspired at
  • Put your ideas in a file so we can look at them together and find ways to put them in your space
  • We will transfer your ideas into virtual perspectives to give you a sneak peek at your new kitchen

How to pull your project together.

  • Work with our project management team
  • To make sure everyone is on the same page, have a calendar created to break down everything you need:
    • When the cabinets arrive
    • When the install will take place
    • When your new kitchen will be ready!
  • It’s pretty standard to have 6-8 week lead time on cabinets. So, this gives you time to shop for all your appliances, backsplash, pick out paint colors and other aesthetic finishing touches.
  • Think about how you can set up a “temporary kitchen” if you plan on living in the house during construction
  • With this much thought going into your kitchen, your transition will be more seamless

What to do with your old Cabinets? Donate them!

  • If you would like your cabinets donated we can have TMM Restore pick them up or you can donate them to your favorite charity.
  • The Environment thanks you! This keeps them out of a landfill.
  • And if that wasn’t enough to make you feel great, You can also get a tax write off with a charitable donation like this!