September 2011: Kitchen Connections – Establishing a Budget

September 2011: Kitchen Connections – Establishing a Budget

Kitchen Connections: A Newsletter from Southwest Kitchen & Bath
Hi Everyone, Bob Elkins here again with our second “Kitchen Connections” newsletter. This month’s topic is Establishing a Budget . The most common questions in a remodel are “What should I budget to do the project?” It takes some homework, but could easily become a runaway train if not given a good amount of thought. This is the best way to give you a roadmap for your project. Remember, we all think of the big things but forget the little stuff.

Here is an approximate list of items to budget for (costs vary on selections):

Tear-out — It has to be torn out, so start with the end in mind. Once you tear it out, what is the new space going to look like? How will it function?

Lighting — Now is the time to improve your lighting plan if you have had challenges in the past. Could you use more task lighting in meal preparation areas? Are you tired of looking at the fluorescents in the ceiling and would like some can lights or solar tube? How about pendants over your island? Would you like to lighten up a dark pantry space or corner cabinet area? How about adding a ceiling fan with a light kit on it in the kitchen? When everything is out of your kitchen is the time to think about these options and discuss the possibilities of a better lighting plan with your designer. This way, wires can be pulled and the room is ready for what’s next.

Electric — This is also the time to run new electric lines. Are your new appliances going to require new locations? Ovens run off 220 and cook tops sometimes require a boost in the amp service you may currently have, depending on the age of the home. It’s so important to have these discussions with your appliance team before you make a purchase. It may cost more to upgrade the area to accept the amount of power you need to run the new range than the actual appliance cost. Also, think about your switch locations, exhaust runs, phone lines and cable lines.

Paint– Now is the time to paint before the cabinets are installed. That way you aren’t risking getting paint on your new cabinets.

Cabinets – There are many lines of cabinetry to fit any budget, from custom to high end. The things that should be the most important to you are the construction, conveniences and function of the cabinets. As we always say, we will make the kitchen look good, but what you will remember every day is how it functions. Cabinets with full extension soft close drawer guides may not seem like a huge priority now, but it’s worth the extra cost and a great application of your budget in the whole scheme of a remodel. If you buy cheap-you buy twice…..

Appliances– There are lots of selections available for appliances and you should really educate yourself on what would work best for the way you cook in the kitchen. My wife has always said her ideal kitchen would not have double ovens, but instead she would love two microwaves (what does the say about her cooking!). So really think about how you cook and what makes sense in the space that you have. We can help you layout the best plans for the most efficient use of space just by pretending to make your favorite meal!

Countertops – There are a wide range of surfaces available for countertops, ranging from $45 a square foot to $75 a square foot. Exotic choices like Ice Stone or glass counter tops can run into hundreds of dollars a square foot.

Plumbing– You will need to get a new sink and faucet and there are a lot of choices in finishes and sizes and can be impactful to budget without really giving you much return on the aesthetics. Educate yourself on getting good quality long lasting sinks and faucets. Make sure they accommodate the pots and pans you will be using daily, that they will fit the skillets and grates from your cooktop when cleaning them. Under mount sinks are preferred with quartz and granite counter tops. Do you need a prep sink in another area of the kitchen to make the meal prep easier on two people being in the kitchen? Would it be helpful to have a pot filler at your cook top? These are all consideration when you are planning out what your plumbing budget will be.

Flooring — A kitchen usually has only 100 square feet of flooring, so go for it. Low cost, high impact. So many options! Hard to put a number on what it will cost, but generally tile is the best for a budget. Wood flooring and cork flooring are higher in cost but very specific to what is chosen. Keep in mind the maintenance too. True Saltillo tile requires a good amount of upkeep. There are now porcelain tiles that look just like Saltillo, but require only basic maintenance.

Backsplash — Whether you choose tile, granite or paint, you still need to remember to budget this part of the project in as cost depends on what your selections are. There are many way to make an impact without spending a lot. Work with your designer on some ideas on how to create the most “WOW” for your backsplash without breaking your budget.

Knobs and Handles —Decorative hardware for your cabinets can really update a kitchen and you will look like you spent a lot more money than you actually did! The average kitchen has 44 of pieces of hardware needed. It’s a place where you can really make an impact in the final presentation of your new space.

The design team at Southwest Kitchen & Bath is here to help with any of these budget or construction questions. And remember we offer FREE in home consultations to help you prepare for projects like these. We can meet with you to do an exact quote for your layout at your convenience. Saturday and evening appointments are available.

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