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Plywood Construction vs Particle Board – Which is better in cabinet construction, Plywood vs. Particle Board? Unfortunately, the answer is “it depends”. Both products have features and benefits and there is no real winner in the head to head match up. Read More…

1 Choices in Countertops

Countertops grab attention, which helps explain why most kitchen and bath remodels include new ones. If you choose wisely, they can last for years, giving you lots of bang for your buck. With new options, picking can be frustrating or fun, depending on your point of view.

  • Quartz – also referred to as engineered stone, Cambria, Ceaser Stone or Silestone. Low maintenance and doesn’t ever need sealing.
  • Granite – is best if you are looking for a natural stone appearance. If properly sealed it can resist stains.
  • Stainless Steel – is best in a modern kitchen. It is great for repelling heat, but needs to be wiped out after using to prevent hard water spots.
  • Tile – is best for use near stoves. It is heat-resistant but can chip easily.

2 Choices in Sinks

Kitchen sinks now come in more shapes, sizes, depths, and materials than ever before. Consider these important factors when selecting your sink.Choosing the material for your sink is a decision that is both practical and aesthetic. Your sink will experience a lot of heavy usage so you’ll want one with a sturdy surface that maintains its appearance over a long period of time. Below are some materials to consider.

  • Stainless – offers great balance of cost, durability, usability, and ease of cleaning.
  • Copper – is a high durable metal which does not rust or tarnish and requires little maintenance.
  • Composite Granite – is made of a mixture of materials that provide a sturdy, low maintenance surface.
  • Solid Surface – sinks are reinforced with a high strength composite backing and have no ridges to collect grime.
  • Cast Iron – retain heat well and make washing dishes easier. They are very heavy and require a sturdy counter.

3 Wood Choices

Wood species in all finishes will exhibit color changes when exposed to different types of light and environments over time. Through this natural process, graining differences, mineral streaks and color variations can be expected in wood cabinetry. Our door styles often exhibit these natural and beautiful characteristics that are inherent in all wood cabinetry.

Understanding these unique variations will give you greater appreciation for the natural beauty of wood cabinetry. Please take a moment to discover the natural traits that are most common in your favorite wood species.

  • Cherry – an elegant, multi-colored hardwood. In its raw state, it has a pinkish-brown hue with occasional shades of white, pink or even gray.
  • Maple – is a strong, close-grained wood that is predominantly off-white in color, although it also contains light hues of yellow-brown and pink.
  • Birch – is a medium-density hardwood with a distinct, moderate grain pattern that ranges from straight to wavy or curly.
  • Hickory – also called Pecan, is a strong, open-grained wood that is known for its flowing grain pattern and dramatic variation in color.
  • Oak – has a prominent open grain that ranges in color from white to yellow and reddish-brown.

We also have custom wood selections available in Knotty Alder, Bambo, Walnut, Quarter Sawn Oak & Mahogany and Lyptus.

4 Conveniences

To get a handle on clutter or to keep paperwork and projects from piling up, many companies specialize in home organization. Everything has it’s place in today’s designs, so be sure to research the newest technologies and organization solutions for your next kitchen or bathroom project.

  • Rollouts – Roll-out kitchen shelves make it so much easier to get to the back of your kitchen cabinets.
  • Pullouts – unit slides out to you making it very easy to see what is stored there, and just as easy to store new things. 
  • Organizational – Organize all of the products and items in your kitchen and bathroom and any area of your house where you have cabinets!
  • Full Extension Guides – allows you to use the entire drawer box for storage from front to way back. It fully extends out to you.
  • Recycle Center – having your trash can roll out to you with a second can behind it to throw away your plastics or cans .
  • Lazy Susan – rotating shelves, which all turn together, or independently rotating shelves, which turn by themselves.

5 Aesthetic (Wow Factor)

Today’s contemporary designs allow for vibrant splashes of color in the kitchen and bathroom. Through vivid backspashes, countertops, appliances and cabinetry inserts and overlays, designers can incorporate the newest and hottest colors into any design. A wide range of color is now being used to evoke emotion and set the tone for your next project.

  • Moldings and Accents – Nothing creates a furniture look like decorative moldings.
  • Vintage Paint Finish – A multi-step painted finish which adds the patina and general characteristics of age to painted cabinetry.
  • Glass Inserts – can make a kitchen feel lighter and more open, and frosted glass masks clutter too.
  • Flutes/Columns – adds size to this area of the cabinetry and creates a dramatic focal point.

6 Islands

From serious cooks to weekend gourmets, everyone can find an island that makes cooking more efficient and personal style more evident. Choose from an array of options, from one and two-drawer style to islands with butcher block tops, carved wooden legs or feet to create the most beautiful furniture look. Get creative by mixing and matching door styles, finishes and even colors.

View examples of Islands.

7 Under Cabinet Light Choices

Layered Lighting – Accent lighting placed at the various heights, under-cabinet lighting, interior cabinet lighting, and above lighting combine to create a warm ambiance. Task lighting adds drama and function, while dim accent lighting softens and soothes a room. Each layer of lighting serves a different purpose, which can balance, enhance and give flexibility to a room.

Illuminated Backsplashes/Countertops – Energy efficient LED technology has sparked a new craze in accent lighting. Glass backsplashes are being lit from behind and glass countertops are being lit from below. With no heat or UV emissions, these countertops and backsplashes offer warm tones, daylight ambience, or colored LED lighting options, allowing your designs to truly shine.

Fluorescent Linkable Puck Lighting Set – Whether you want to create an exhibit of your heirlooms or cast a soft light over your dishes, puck lighting sets are the perfect accent to your home items.

Above & Below Lighting – linkable light strips placed above and below the cabinetry creates a soft and inviting glow in every room.

Decorative Lighting Sets – Elegant decorative task lighting sets are mounted over your cabinets and shelves to create subtle lighting in your home. Or we can string rope lighting above your cabinets for a beautiful night-light effect.

Visit our showroom to see working examples of all these lighting choices and more!