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Creating a Budget for Your Kitchen Renovations

Creating a Budget for Your Kitchen Renovations


Investing in a kitchen update today can improve the value of your home and increase its sale price if you ever decide to sell your property in the future. One of the most important decisions you will make regarding your Tucson kitchen renovation is the budget. Your budget will determine the scale of your renovation […]

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Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Kitchen


There are many ways to incorporate color into your kitchen: the walls, floor, cabinetry, and countertops. The colors you choose to use in your kitchen will affect the feel of this room, creating a personalized space that you and your family will enjoy. Selecting the right color scheme for your Tucson kitchen doesn’t need to […]

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A Look at the Future of Kitchen Technology


Homes today feature a variety of integrated technology, from electronic locks to digital entertainment systems. Kitchen technology is also making leaps forward, leading to futuristic solutions that will improve the comfort and usability of this important room in your home. Keep reading to discover where the future of kitchen technology is headed, and how you […]

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A Guide to Choosing Kitchen Cabinets


Your kitchen’s cabinets are one of its most prominent design features. Cabinets are often the biggest expense during a kitchen renovation, but they can also become your kitchen’s greatest asset. Choosing the right materials, finish, and hardware for your cabinets will complement the look and feel of your kitchen for decades after your remodeling project. […]

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Keys to Modern Kitchen Design


Many people seeking to remodel their kitchens want to incorporate a modern design that reflects the current sleekness of today’s world. Contemporary designs offer freshness to the kitchen which happens to be one of the most heavily used rooms in homes today. Besides providing a fresh atmosphere, modern kitchens also utilize clean lines and build […]

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Open and Closed Storage: Things to Consider


The age old quote by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus “The only thing that is constant is change” remains true today when it comes to kitchen designs. Kitchens have moved from a very basic use of preparing daily meals to a place today where they are used for family gatherings and entertaining friends. Because kitchens are […]

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Understanding Your Kitchen Layout: The Basics


The kitchen is normally the busiest room in the entire house. Family members rush about to and fro frantically preparing meals and preparing for their day ahead. A great deal of entertaining also takes place in the kitchen these days with friends and guests gathering to munch on snacks, sip drinks and chatter about the […]

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Considering Cabinetry: Needs and Wants

New kitchen cabinetry can liven up a drab atmosphere and make spending time in the room an absolute pleasure. Another benefit of new kitchen cabinets is that they significantly increase the value of the home. Most people house hunting today look for attractive kitchens with plenty of storage space. Therefore, when it comes time to […]

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Cabinet Refacing or Total Renovation: What’s Right for You?


Today, the kitchen is major room for not only preparing and consuming meals, but for entertaining family and friends as well. Therefore, it makes sense that the kitchen is often one of the first rooms to be renovated. Providing a fresh, new look to the kitchen offers everyone who enters the home a tranquil, warm […]

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Is Your Kitchen Cabinetry Outdated?


Outdated or worn cabinets can have a detrimental effect on your kitchen. This is mainly due to the fact that kitchen cabinets are a major focal point that everyone notices upon entering. Whether you’ve had your home a long time and the cabinets are old and outdated or if you’ve recently purchased a home that […]

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